Conventional Box Packaging

Cardboard boxes are our business. We use both corrugated and solid card, both with many variations in thickness, stiffness and strength to suit your packaging requirements. We make boxes for boxes of boxed packaged items.

We can arrange for your products to be packed and delivered with maximum efficiency using our palletising machine to calculate exactly the best way to ensure a safe delivery.

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Transit Packaging

_G6A9862This type of packaging ensures that your product arrives with the customer in the best possible condition. Possibly the most familiar sort of packaging used for all types of retail situations.

Brown Box

Cardboard Box MaterialBasic, standard cardboard box packaging for everything. We use the best cardboard suppliers to ensure that our materials will never let down our construction and finishing lines. Making sure that the boxes we provide are the best boxes you can get.

Packaging for Delicate Items

_G6A9877Not only did this box need to be sturdy enough to transport flowers in glass vases. We designed internal divisions and fittings to work with crumple zones to protect the contents, just like modern cars protects their passengers. There was also a special requirement for the printing on the boxes. Most suppliers told our client that they could not have white printed on brown as it would look faded. Being called the “White” florist we recognised that this was a particular requirement and worked with our print teams to ensure a process that delivered a real white print on the cardboard box packaging.

Distribution Box

_G6A9875Sometimes all you need is a sturdy box for distribution. The client we worked for here suffered a large amount of breakage in transit when shipping these deceptively fragile water filters. That waste has been cut to practically zero by employing a tougher material for the box.

Corrugated Board comes with a variety of “Flute” shapes and sizes. The flute is what gives the board it’s strength and resistance to crumpling. These factors are really important when designing boxes.

Single Piece, Litho Printed

_G6A9868This is an interesting design for the carriage, by the customer, of several drinks at the same time. Made out of one piece of die-cut solid board it has been litho printed.

Litho printing reduces cost and speeds up production but is only really suitable for large quantity requirements.

Multi-Point Glued, Printed Solid Board

_G6A9863Created as a by product from a main industry this fertiliser needed simple boxes for easy distribution. The customer wanted to stand out from other fertiliser suppliers so had created their own artwork. They requested artwork be a full lay-up on all sides of the box.

The minimum order on boxes like this from us would be about 250 pieces although some of the boxes we make in their thousands.

Coordinated Packaging Design

_G6A9860This seems a simple cardboard box at first glance. The true story is that by taking a coordinated approach to design and construction the cost of production was reduced by about 10%.

Firstly with no appreciable difference we reduced the artwork from a 7 to a 3 colour process. Then by streamlining the production we saved further cost on fabrication of each unit.