Packaging Design

honeybox layout

Honey Jar Packaging, Printed Inside & Out

A Full Structural Design Service.

This starts with a simple brief of your requirements and needs. We will work with you from concept until the finished product arrives at your business. We can produce precise prototypes of the product to ensure the solution is fit for purpose prior to manufacture.Ensuring you are kept informed at all stages and with the aid of the latest CAD facilities.

The EPL process

We can save you time and Money. On visiting your site our experienced staff can ascertain just ‘What you want and what you need’ by gaining a full understanding of your production capabilities, logistical requirements and any individual needs you may have. We also offer the “Me Too” option on your current packaging if required.

Design concepts

Once we have the brief we can then start to find the solution. Call us to start the process. Our experienced team of designers use the latest CAD technology, to design the packaging and ensure that the material we use will be robust enough for the job in hand. Thanks to the CAD system we can offer a prototype for your approval and peace of mind prior to any production run. Our solutions can be very simple or very complex depending on what you need to achieve.

Box with elements

Complex Single Cut Packaging With Inserts


Our designers are sympathetic to the machine we have and can turn your box into a reality. Our designs are centred on how to get the best manufacturing capabilities. By utilising the wide range of machinery at our disposal we ensure that the job is run in a efficient and cost effective manner.


Whether we agree a ‘make and deliver’ or a regular ‘stock and serve’ arrangement, our aim is the same – that your goods are delivered on time and in full, every time.

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Product Display Stands

IMG_3185This display stand was designed and made to display packs of batteries at the point of sale in a large department store.

The stand can be delivered as a self-assemble flat pack for assembly in-store. The stand is so rigid that it can hold 1000 packs of batteries. There is some storage space in a hidden shelf below the main shelves.

The stand has been used in a range of outlets.

More packaging design

Box with elementsThis box was designed to hold a delicate electronic component. The internal divisions are built into the construction of the box. This makes production much cheaper by eliminating gluing almost entirely, reducing the number of components and reducing waste.

It is our combined experience of nearly 50 years that enable us to develop these type of boxes quickly and simply.

Boxes for Products

Honey Jar Box PackagingThese attractive boxes were designed by our in-house designers for a jar of honey. The box was printed both sides, covered with bees.

Honey Jar Boxes

Free Standing Display Units

TORCH STAND ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSFSDUs or “Floor Standing Display Units” for point of sale purchases.

The point of sale display stand pictured left, was designed to show off to the customer expensive high end garden torches. We considered a variety of key drivers whilst designing this item: Strength, Visibility, Material and Cost.

The packaging was supplied with assembly instructions for the shop teams to put it together, ready for the product to be slipped neatly into place in the shop front.

Packaging for Delicate Items

_G6A9877Not only did this box need to be sturdy enough to transport flowers in glass vases. We designed internal divisions and fittings to work with crumple zones to protect the contents, just like modern cars protects their passengers. There was also a special requirement for the printing on the boxes. Most suppliers told our client that they could not have white printed on brown as it would look faded. Being called the “White” florist we recognised that this was a particular requirement and worked with our print teams to ensure a process that delivered a real white print on the cardboard box packaging.

Distribution Box

_G6A9875Sometimes all you need is a sturdy box for distribution. The client we worked for here suffered a large amount of breakage in transit when shipping these deceptively fragile water filters. That waste has been cut to practically zero by employing a tougher material for the box.

Corrugated Board comes with a variety of “Flute” shapes and sizes. The flute is what gives the board it’s strength and resistance to crumpling. These factors are really important when designing boxes.

Coordinated Packaging Design

_G6A9860This seems a simple cardboard box at first glance. The true story is that by taking a coordinated approach to design and construction the cost of production was reduced by about 10%.

Firstly with no appreciable difference we reduced the artwork from a 7 to a 3 colour process. Then by streamlining the production we saved further cost on fabrication of each unit.