Specialist Packaging

Over the years we have worked on some amazing projects always making sure our designs form part of an integrated strategy from start to finished and delivered.

We often work with internal cardboard fittings and divisions as well as creative and elegant individual solutions.

All this is only possible due to the enormous experience we have in the packaging industry. We are used to working with the small manufacturer or importer as well as the large chains and supermarkets.

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Product Display Stands

IMG_3185This display stand was designed and made to display packs of batteries at the point of sale in a large department store.

The stand can be delivered as a self-assemble flat pack for assembly in-store. The stand is so rigid that it can hold 1000 packs of batteries. There is some storage space in a hidden shelf below the main shelves.

The stand has been used in a range of outlets.

Heavy Duty

2014-09-24 10.49.06Designed for transit and distribution, commonly for pallet packaging, we design and construct strong boxes to protect your product or packaged products.

Packaging for Delicate Items

_G6A9877Not only did this box need to be sturdy enough to transport flowers in glass vases. We designed internal divisions and fittings to work with crumple zones to protect the contents, just like modern cars protects their passengers. There was also a special requirement for the printing on the boxes. Most suppliers told our client that they could not have white printed on brown as it would look faded. Being called the “White” florist we recognised that this was a particular requirement and worked with our print teams to ensure a process that delivered a real white print on the cardboard box packaging.

Custom Designed

For intricate packaging designed specifically for the shape of your products. Our boxes can be as unique as your product and the requirements of your business.

Call us to start the process.